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Sentry Solutions' Hi-Slip Grease

Stays Slick From -65°F TO 650°F

WILTON, NH - Sentry Solutions Hi-Slip Grease™ is a synthetic blend containing the finest micro-bonding lubricants available. Tested and used by NAVY SEALs, to protect expensive, hi-tech firearms and equipment in all temperatures and all environments; from the deserts of Kuwait to the Bering Strait, it reduces friction and protects from -65°F to 650°F. A light application prevents galling and corrosion of all metals including titanium, stainless steel and aluminum even under high load and extreme conditions.

Packaged in a handy syringe, pinpoint application is easy and due to extremely high film strength, it stays put. Concentrated, molybdenum disulfide enables Hi-Slip Grease, to exceed the mil spec of standard, moly based grease.  It smoothes tight actions for easier lock up, lightens triggers and protects choke tube threads while making them easier to tighten and remove. Non-toxic Hi-Slip Grease eliminates wear while enhancing performance and reliability for all firearms in the harshest conditions. It inhibits corrosion from salt water, powder residue, sweat and moisture on all types of metal, including stainless steel, titanium and aluminum.

A tiny amount on sears and triggers decreases pull weight as well as smoothing the actual trigger feel. On high friction surfaces such as bolt raceways and lever mechanisms, just a spot of Hi-Slip Grease eliminates wear and assures reliable performance. A light film on the exterior of your guns prevents fingerprint damage and protects bluing from rust and moisture damage that occurs during long term storage.

This is Sentry Solutions’ only non-dry film product developed specifically to offer the benefits of a self-healing film without the migration problems of traditional oils. It was developed at the request of the Marine Marksman Group for high loading bearing surfaces and to protect deck mounted heavy machine guns.

Sentry Solutions’ Hi-Slip Grease is available in a 12 cc. syringe, retailing for $7.95, Also available in a handy 2oz. screw top jar for $11.25

About Sentry Solutions:
Sentry Solutions, was incorporated in 1993. Since then, Sentry Solutions has developed dry lubrication products used by the U.S. Military Forces, government agencies, state and local law enforcement agencies as well as hunter, sportsmen, and mariners. Sentry Solutions’ Tuf-Cloth and Tuf-Glide products have become the benchmark in cleaning and protecting firearms and sports equipment worldwide. www.sentrysolutions.com

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