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Trijicon in the Media

You can see Trijicon products in a number of articles, ads and pictures each month. Listed are just some of the articles and mentions so far this year:

  • Trijicon's Mil-Spec SOPMOD Sight Systems by Jerry Sullivan in Jan/Feb issue of The Police Marksman
  • The FN-Minimi SAGA by Gary Paul Johnston in January issue of Soldier of Fortune
  • DCR's Custom Tactical Mini-14 .223 by Gary Paul Johnston in Jan. issue of Guns and Weapons for Law Enforcement
  • DSA's Sweer-Shooting .243 FAL by David Fortier in Feb. Gun World
  • New Products in Feb. issue American Hunter
  • Front Cover U.S. News and World Report Feb. 10, 2003
  • Top Optics 2003 in February American Rifleman
  • Where's the Money? Handgun Accessories in February's Shooting Industry
  • Battlesight Showdown by David Fortier in March issue of Guns Magazine
  • A Perfect Back-up Gun by Rich Grassi in March Combat Handgun
  • The USSOCOM Special Purpose Rifle, Type II by Gary Paul Johnston in March issue of Soldier of Fortune
  • AAC's M4-2000 .223 by Al Paulson in Special Weapon Winter issue
  • The Devil's Keep up the Heat in ARMY March issue
  • Professional Ordnance's AR15 Lookalike .22 Rimfire by David Fortier in the April issue of Gun World
  • It's All For The AR-15 by Gary Paul Johnston in Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement May issue
  • Top Optics 2003 in America's 1st Freedom May issue
  • Improved Trijicon AccuPoint Scope in On Target's April issue
  • The Right Reticle for your Hunting by Rick Mann in Gun World's July issue

For more information on Trijicon, Inc., visit www.trijicon.com.

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