Louisiana State Police Select the GG&G MAD Back Up Iron Sight with Locking Detent

August 2003 - The Louisiana State Police selected the GG&G MAD (Multiple Aperture Device) Back Up Iron Sight with Locking Detent for their AR15/M16 tactical rifles and carbines. After a rigorous test and evaluation period, the GG&G MAD was selected as the sight best suited for the State Police. The approximately 300 unit order is scheduled for delivery in late August. In addition to the innovative aperture disc, the newly redesigned MAD features a locking detent. Once deployed in the up position, the sight cannot be folded down without depressing the spring assisted detent release button located on the left side of the sight base. This eliminates the possibility of accidently lowering the sight. GG&G is proud to be chosen to supply this fine law enforcement department with a 100% American Made sighting system.

For more information on GG&G please visit, www.gggaz.com or call (800)-380-2540.


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