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Trijicon Introduces the Reflex RX09 With Auxiliary Cyalume

The solution to reticle "wash out".

Trijicon's family of technologically advanced Reflex sights offers shooters the perfect combination of speedwith- precision shooting. The dual illuminated reticles in our Reflex sights help ensure maximum accuracy and true-to-life targeting … instantly … without failure-prone batteries. Under most circumstances, either the light gathered by the fluorescent fiber optic system during daylight or the illumination provided by the tritium-equipped reticle ensures a bright, clear aiming point in virtually any light or any environment.

However, in certain cases, some law enforcement and military personnel have experienced a phenomenon referred to as "wash out" in which the natural fiber cannot collect enough light to provide sufficient brightness for the reticle. "Wash out" usually occurs during room entry scenarios in which officers quickly enter a brightly lit environment from a low-lit environment…or when the Reflex sight is used in combination with a powerful tactical flashlight.

The RX09

Trijicon's new RX09 Reflex sights allow the use of Cyalume®, a non-electric, non-toxic chemical light stick that has been used by military and law enforcement agencies for many years. Cyalume sticks are extremely cost effective and easy to use. By bending a Cyalume stick until the glass vial inside breaks…then inserting the stick in the special port at the rear of the RX09 sight… the amber reticle on the Reflex will benefit from an extra boost of brightness that can last from 4 to 6 hours.

The Reticle

The RX09 Reflex comes standard with a highly visible amber chevron which provides the speed of a red dot with the pinpoint precision of crosshairs. Aligning the target with the tip of the chevron minimizes target obstruction. The image below illustrates the ranging capabilities of the chevron reticle on a 19" silhouette at various ranges.

The Cyalume Reflex is available without a mount or with a number of different mounting systems to fit most popular law enforcement and military style firerarms.

For more information on Trijicon, Inc., visit www.trijicon.com.

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