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Hoppe's® Introduces Hoppe's Elite™

Hoppe's Elite OREGON CITY, Ore. - To mark its 101st year in business, Hoppe's is introducing the Hoppe's Elite™ line of gun care chemicals which utilize the latest cleaning and lubrication technology, providing the highest level of performance for improved firearm function and accuracy.

Products in the Hoppe's Elite line include a Gun Cleaner in liquid and Bore Gel formulations, Gun Oil and an all-in-one Field Cleaner.

"Hoppe's Elite features sophisticated chemistry that is leaps and bounds ahead of the current premium brands on the market," said Todd Seyfert, vice president of sales and marketing for Hoppe's. "It also meets the need for a weapon maintenance system that is robust enough to handle the performance and environmental demands of professional shooters, military and law enforcement. All in all Hoppe's Elite has exceeded our expectations."

"After an exhaustive search for new and unique chemical products for our customers, we found an advanced technology company in the United States that could meet our demands", Seyfert added. "A partnership ensued and Hoppe's Elite was born, truly the next generation of premium gun cleaners, lubricants and protectants."

Hoppe's Elite Gun Cleaner liquid and Bore Gel penetrate into the metal at the molecular level to provide unmatched cleaning power. According to Seyfert, "The Elite Gun Cleaner cleans firearms to a level that is actually better than the firearms' original, pre-fired condition." The best part, he says, is "the metal conditioning properties of Elite cleaners reduce cleaning time by up to half when used regularly."

In addition, the Hoppe's Elite Gun Cleaner and Bore Gel "activate" the surface of the gun metal allowing the Elite Gun Oil to penetrate at the molecular level to effectively lubricate moving parts. Elite Gun Oil creates a protective barrier between moving parts and contaminants, which provides lasting protection against dirt, corrosion, component wear, carbon and metal deposits.

Designed as an all-in-one cleaner, lubricant and protectant, Hoppe's Elite Field Cleaner uses a synthetic thin-coat technology to offer cleaning and protection for firearms that see heavy use in the field. Elite Field Cleaner's special formulation leaves a microscopic layer of rust inhibitor and lubricant on moving parts that protects against deposits that lead to fouling and reduced accuracy.

"The Hoppe's Elite system was designed for hard core shooters. This is technology that you just won't believe until you try it," Seyfert said. "Once you try it, you'll be hooked."

Perfect for military and law enforcement, Hoppe's Elite products are non-toxic, biodegradable and safe for use on all types of metal, composites and finished wood. In addition, Elite products are non-flammable and free of chemical vapors, making them safe to use virtually anywhere.

For more information about Hoppe's comprehensive line of gun care products and accessories, including the new Elite line, visit www.hoppes.com.

Hoppe's® is a brand of Michaels® of Oregon Co., headquartered in Oregon City, Ore., which offers other brands including Uncle Mike's®, Butler Creek® and Uncle Mike's Law Enforcement™. Under these brand names, Michaels of Oregon Co. manufactures holsters, slings, swivels, gun cases, belts, gun cleaning products, and other hunting, shooting and law enforcement gear. Manufacturing and distribution operations are headquartered at the company's Meridian, Idaho, facility.

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