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New product reports from The Police Marksman Magazine

SA2 AssaultLight

PentagonLight™ recently announced the launch of an advanced integrated weapon-mount light system. The SA2 Stealth AssaultLight eliminates the need of any corded remote switches for a direct and positive operation of the light via the tail-cap switch. This is enabled by its seamless integration with an offset mount. The adjustability of the mount provides sturdiness and ensures firm attachment for direct tail-switch activation by the thumb in the offset position. Stealth AssaultLight resolves some of the most common drawbacks of remote corded pressure pad switches. AssaultLight eliminates any possibility of cord entanglement when tactical operators navigate through building. The AssaultLight is activated by directly pressing its tail-switch, which is soft and raised, making it easy to press with positive tactile feedback. The AssaultLight is pre-configured with a 70-lumen xenon gas incandescent lamp as the light source for maximum distance and brightness. A higher lumen output system is available for long distance, as well as an LED version for close quarter combat. The exterior of the AssaultLight is coated in our antireflective stealth finish that exceeds military type III super hard anodized specifications. The SA2 Assault Light is an excellent rifle-mounted tactical light for both SWAT operators and members of military special operations.

For more information, contact: Pentagon Light, 826 Cowan Road, Burlingame, CA 94010. Phone (800) 736-8215. www.pentagonlight.com

B-Square Tactical's New Accessory Adapter for AK/RPK Rifles

B-Square, a leader in diverse offering of scope mounts, rings, and accessories has introduced a new accessory rail adapter for AK/RPK rifles. Crafted from lightweight, premium-grade aircraft aluminum, the B-Square Tactical AK/RPK Rail Adapter features the same precise fit and machining as all B-Square shooting accessories. This low-profile Picatinney adapter rail firmly clamps to the barrel of an AK/RPK, SKS similar rifle barrel providing the ability to connect a variety of accessories to the barrel including bipods, lights, or any accessory that can attach to a Picatinney or Weaver style rail. The adaptor itself also has a unique cantilever feature for aiming adjustability and is long enough to easily accommodate a bipod.

Built tough and specifically for the US Military, the B-Square Tactical AK/RPK Rail For more information, contact: B-Square, 8909 Forum Way, Ft. Worth, TX 76140. Phone (800) 433-2909. www.b-square.com

The Compact Acog® - Fast, Accurate Targeting in Any Light

Trijicon, Inc. is proud to offer a smaller, lighter weight version of the full-sized Acog®, perfect for fast-moving tactical teams operating in close quarters. This rugged, dependable aiming system clearly illuminates its reticle in bright light, low light or no light at all, without having to rely on batteries. Plus, it's internally adjustable and is much more dependable than conventional designs.

The Trijicon Compact dual-illuminated reticle is powered by Trijicon's patented fiber optics and tritium-based technology. Some Trijicon Compact Acog models incorporate the innovative Bindon Aiming™ concept (BAC). In tandem with scope magnification, this revolutionary both-eyes-open aiming method provides the shooter with instinctive target acquisition and increased hit potential. The reticle is available in red or amber, with a choice of a triangle, dot or crosshairs.

At less than six ounces, including the mount, the Trijicon Compact Acog is perfect for operating in close quarters. A forged 7075-T6 aluminum alloy housing gives it durability and multicoated lenses provide maximum optical performance in any light.

For more information, contact: Trijicon Inc., 49385 Shafer Avenue, Wixom, MI 48393. Phone (800) 338-0563. www.trijicon.com

A Host of New Products from EarPro™

Sonic Defenders Earpieces

EarPro™, recently acquired by SureFire, introduces a new passive hearing protection system, the EP-3 Sonic Defenders. These earplugs are designed to help prevent hearing damage from noise above 85 dB, while facilitating conversation by permitting passage of lower-level sounds. A proprietary design incorporating the patented Hocks Noise Breaker™ filter, enables Sonic Defenders to convert energy from harmful sound levels into insignificant amounts of harmless heat energy. In addition to being more comfortable than common foam plugs, Sonic Defenders don't muffle ambient sounds or compromise directional hearing, nor do they require custom fitting. The low profile design of the Sonic Defenders makes them comfortable even when wearing a mask, helmet or hat, or while utilizing telephone, headphone, or supplemental hearing muffs.

Sonic Defenders are made from a medical-grade, hypoallergenic polymer that is soft and highly flexible, and easily cleaned with mild soap and water. The earpieces are ergonomically shaped to fit inside the outer shell of the ear and follow the natural angle of the ear canal. The unique design of the EP3 provides improved earpiece retention that keeps them securely in place during routine physical activity. Sonic Defenders are available in medium and large sizes that fit more than 95% of all users. Suggested retail price - $19.95 per pair.

EP110 Listen-Only Radio System

EarPro's EP110 gives users a listen-only radio communications. Channeling radio communications covertly into the ear, the EP110 reduces the potential of others overhearing messages. The user-interface end of the EP110 uses EarPro's ergonomic EP1 CommEar earpieces, which conforms to the natural groove of the ear. The earpiece also doesn't block the ear canal, permitting virtually normal hearing of ambient sounds.

The EP110 direct connect-speaker is located behind the ear using high quality components to deliver crystal-clear listen-only communications. The EP110's speaker is tuned to deliver a broader range of frequencies than most wire system speakers, creating a much clearer sound. The system plugs directly into a two-way radio via the side-mount adaptor and features a medical-grade Tygo Thane® dry sound tube that releases condensation and is acoustically tuned for optimal clarity of voice frequencies. The EP110 also features gold plated electrical connectors to provide superior conductivity and corrosion resistance. The speaker and ear coil of the EP110 is water resistant. Suggested retail price - $130.

EP210 Listen/Talk Radio Communication System

EarPro's EP210 delivers incoming messages directly into the ear, allowing for covert use and reducing the potential of messages being overheard. The inline, single cable design eliminates wire tangling and the EP210 speaker is tuned to deliver a broader range of frequencies than most wire system speakers. The speaker, ear coil and microphone of the EP210 are water resistant. The EP210 features a very small, lightweight, high-grain, and omnidirectional microphone that picks up the sound regardless of the direction, giving crystal clear transmissions even when speaking softly. The microphone also features an integral windscreen that eliminates distracting wind noise. The EP210's Push-To-Talk is conveniently located at the radio side mount. Suggested retail - $192.

For more information on all three new products, contact: Surefire, 18300 Mt. Baldy Circle, Fountain Valley, CA 92708. Phone (800) 828-8809. www.surefire.com.

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