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"Why a Laser on my Black Rifle"

In an age where it seems every soldier, private contractor, police officer and tactical shooter has every imaginable accessory on their black rifle, why would you want to add a visible laser?

A visible laser is a great training tool for new shooters, trainers and veterans of the black rifle. Each level of shooter can learn something from this valuable tool. For the new guy or gal, experiencing the black rifle for the first time it can be an intimidating affair. This is not your daddy’s sleek, wood stocked, oiled and polished, deer hunting rifle. This is dark, rough looking and has levers, springs, and switches; which can be intimidating to the hardiest of gun fans.

1. A visible laser can act as a safety beacon to show potential mistakes of weapons handling, muzzle sweeps, etc.
2. A visible laser will help educate the new shooter how to properly present his or her body to the target and how the whole body needs to work together to be properly aligned. It shows how even little things like placement and pressure from the firing hand can have a large effect on the sight alignment down range.
3. Visible lasers show the shooter what sight alignment and sight picture are all about. Have the instructor zero the visible laser for the known distance. Make sure the iron sights are aligned to the target at that distance. Have the new shooter assume a good shooting position. Turn on the laser and have the shooter aim the laser in the center of the target. Then have them shift their focus from the red dot to the iron sights and see how they look on the target. Finally shut off the visible laser. This will show them with a real rifle, target and themselves what they should be striving for each and every time they pick up the black rifle and aim in with iron sights. This is a much better technique than a death by power point or holding up fingers in a classroom approach.
4. A visible laser allows the use of instantaneous visual feedback during dry fire training. This allows for trigger control drills with no ammo and can be done anywhere. The instructor or student can see their progress or correct their mistakes on the spot preventing them from becoming ingrained with bad shooting habits. For the veteran shooter, it will allow you to perfect that trigger control and move on to other more advanced techniques quicker.
5. Visible lasers allow you to teach room clearing techniques in any urban environment teaching people to collapse their corners and cover their assigned sectors in a safe, quick and efficient manner. Visible lasers give commanders and administrators the “warm fuzzy feeling” that everything possible is being done to ensure public safety and every round fired will be accurate.

Tactics and Techniques
Visible lasers allow you to practice dry fire techniques in an environment where live fire may not be permitted (practice calls out at city hall after hours, practice clearing your home, or just to practice shooting and moving techniques without expending the ammo.)

1. Lasers allow you to practice pivots and turns on the firing line prior to going hot to make sure everyone understands the technique and which way they are moving. This gives the range safety officer a chance to make sure his instructions were clear prior to going hot.
2. Lasers allow you to shoot around, over, or under barricades while exposing less of yourself to the potential bad guy compared to iron or optical sighting devices.
3. Lasers speak the international language whether it’s a drunk that broke into your house or an angry crowd; no one wants to have that red dot on them. It’s the 21st
century bayonet for crowd control.
4. Lasers allow you to practice shooting on the move to perfect your technique (getting the bounce out) before you go to live fire.
5. Lasers allow your non-dominant side shooting problems to have a much higher success rate than with optical or iron sights.
6. Visible lasers allow force on force play where both the shooter and the target are moving and allow you to adjust your tactics accordingly.
7. Visible lasers allow you to go from a cold environment to a warm one without being affected by fogging up as optical sights do (i.e. going from the cold of a police trunk to a warm building.)
8. Visible lasers allow you to go from a brightly lit area (outside during high noon in the sandbox) to a dimly lit room instantaneously without losing your situational awareness and still being able to target suspects without your eyes having to adjust to different lighting conditions.
9. Visible lasers allow much higher percentage of hits in low light or no light situations over iron sights.
10. Visible lasers will increase your hit ratio on a moving target.
11. The best visible lasers can be pulsed to attract your eye to the laser in extreme stress situations. This also works when deployed with a TASER®. The TASER® has a steady beam laser and everyone present will be able to distinguish who has the non-lethal and lethal force.
12. Visible lasers allow you to maintain focus on the threat. While keeping your situational awareness and preventing tunnel vision. Not the case when trying to concentrate on an iron sight or looking into a scope.
13. Visible lasers allow everyone a visual indicator of who is targeting which suspect.
14. Visible lasers can be used to flush suspects out of hiding while you remain behind cover.
15. LaserMax gives you First Shot Confidence. You know your point of aim is your point of impact. This often reduces the need for multiple shots to a target.
16. A visible laser can be zeroed at any range. So if your primary optic or iron sight is zeroed at 25 or 50 yards and your laser is zeroed at 7 yds, you will not need to hold under or over for that critical head shot. Your shot will be dead on every time you need it.

Why COLT and LaserMax?
Colt defense is the most respected and trusted name in American firearms manufacturing. From Samuel Colt’s first patent in 1836, to the battle proven Colt M-4 carbine issued to our military today; “If it’s a Colt you can stake your life on it” LaserMax has been making cutting-edge technology lasers for nearly 20 years. Their products are in use by NASA to USSOCOM.

Why the COLT® CGL™ Foregrip Laser?
The Colt CGL Foregrip Laser combines three (3) of the most popular and necessary tactical tools in one (1) great package.

1. A tactical fore grip ergonomically designed to fit your hand comfortably without fatigue, and allowing you to reach the controls without changing your firing grip.
2. The vertical grip allows your hand to be placed in a more natural and comfortable position without stress to the hand and wrist to support the rifle. The less muscular strain the more relaxed the shooter, the more relaxed the shooter the longer he or she will be able to maintain a good firing position without stress, shaking or having to move to a new position.
3. A < 5mw red laser 635 nm diode specifically chosen over other cheaper laser diodes to give you clear, bright, consistent sight picture allowing you to focus on the threat.
4. The laser can be changed from a high intensity pulsating laser to a steady beam by the mode selection switch on the back of the unit.
5. The laser is designed to sit at 6 o’clock below the barrel so as to position it as close to the line of the bore as possible. This gives you the best possible zero range, ensuring you will always be aligned to your target.
6. The 3.5 Lumen LED navigation light can be used for a variety of purposes. Accurately identifying a route so that you do not trip on something during tactical movement. For quick searches without giving away your position by lighting up the entire area with your big lumen tactical light. Used as a back up light when your big lumen tactical lights batteries crash. The navigation LED is available in White, Red or Blue depending on your tactical needs and environment you will have to decide which will best suit those needs.
7. The Colt CGL Foregrip Laser is packaged in a housing that is 30% glass filled Verton able to withstand being run over by a SUV. Verton® was specifically chosen to handle the high heat associated with weapons firing and still retain its shape and function.
8. The Colt CGL Foregrip Laser runs on 2 economic AA batteries. Available everywhere world wide and half the cost of 123 batteries.
9. The Colt CGL Foregrip Laser has a huge run time of 60 hours when set to pulsating laser, 30 hours steady laser with alkaline batteries, Lithium batteries will
get you even better results.
10. The Colt CGL Foregrip Laser battery compartment can be opened with a cartridge rim of a 5.56mm round or any multi-tool. No special tools necessary for battery changes. You do not need to remove the Colt CGL Foregrip Laser from the rifle to change batteries.
11. The laser will maintain zero and has 120 inches of windage & elevation adjustment built in at 100 yards.
12. The Colt CGL Foregrip Laser passes the NIJ/DOJ drop tests.
13. The Colt CGL Foregrip Laser is not afraid of water even salt water.
14. The Colt CGL Foregrip Laser has a 3 year warranty and is built in America by Americans.

If you do not have a Colt CGL Foregrip Laser on your black rifle you are short changing yourself and your capabilities. It is the biggest advantage you can give yourself today from both a training and tactical standpoint, period!

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