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Product Review: XS Sight Systems AR Xpress

This product is simple, almost indestructible, indispensable, and easily installed

I recently tested the XS Sight Systems AR Xpress Threat Interdiction Sight Set for an AR-15. This is one of those tritium filled large dot front sights that mates with a shallow “V” rear sight. It gives a similar sight picture to the pistol version of this product, except that it has a rail mounting system, designed for same plane use on an AR-15. They have gas block mount options available also. I tested these sights on my HPF (houldingprecisionfirearms.com) upper.

With a little range time, I could quickly approach my targets with optics, then switch to iron without pausing. The 45 degree offset allows the user to rotate the carbine while it’s still seated in the shoulder pocket, and keep punching targets. It doesn’t interrupt the operation of the gun or the sighting plane of the operator.

Thanks to XS Sight Systems, I have to spend more time behind my reloading press.

There are two viable law enforcement approaches to this product: “This is my iron for my magnified optics” and “If my battery goes or my optics break, I’m still in the fight.”

Since I’ve gone from a “traffic stop gone bad” to a backyard search to finding the suspect in a bedroom while I was carrying a long gun, I put a lot of value in flexibility.

I’m not one for gimmicks. Like most shooters, I’ve always been skeptical of this product. When my friend showed up on the range with an early version of this particular sight set mounted on their Glock 22, I joined in the “old guy” jokes when other instructors checked out his gun.

The “V” in the rear sight is very shallow, allowing the huge tritium front sight to nest in this notch. It didn’t take much to align it because anyone could easily pick up the front sight, even in full recoil. Using his Glock, it took me all my concentration to keep a magazine of duty rounds in a 4 inch circle at 25 yards. I quickly dismissed this product.

That’s not what XS Sight Systems products are for. They are for moving, dynamic gunfights where quick acquisition will stop the threat. This was quickly evidenced by the fact that a side to side test between my Glock 22 and my friends Glock 22 demonstrated that users equipped with XS Sight System products prevail in close quarters.

I was thinking this when I mounted the AR Xpress Threat Interdiction Sights on my carbine. They are a simple solution for a common problem.

This XS Sight set is drift-adjustable for windage and adjusts for elevation in the same fashion as the old spring-loaded detent system on an M-16. These appear to be coarse adjustments, but suitable for any carbine that will mount them.

This product is simple, almost indestructible, indispensable, and easily installed. The sight picture is easy to pick up, day or night. XS Sights are designed for real gunfights, not paper punching.  

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