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Trijicon's Compact ACOG Chosen for the NLAW Advanced Weapon System

SAAB Bofors Dynamics has chosen the Trijicon® Compact ACOG® as the integrated magnified sight for its new NLAW advanced one-man weapon system. The Compact ACOG will be used on both the combat and the training weapons systems

Trijicon SAAB Bofors Dynamics' new light antitank weapon, NLAW, was chosen in 2002 for a joint development contract by the British and the Swedish armies. The British army has since placed an order of a mass production series. This first order, worth over $500 million (USD), includes a large number of training units which are part of the training and simulator developed by SAAB Training Systems in Huskvarna, Sweden, as a sub-supplier to SAAB Bofors Dynamics for the UK.

NLAW is a "fire-and-forget" light anti-armor disposable weapon, using a guided missile with unsurpassed performance. The missile flies autonomously to the target, independent of distance, target angular speed, wind, temperature, etc., after the soldier has aimed and momentarily followed the target. The shooter does not need to determine distance or compensate for any of other factors that traditionally required extensive training. Consequently, The NLAW, equipped with the Compact ACOG 2.5x20, is the simplest short range antitank weapon available anywhere.

Trijicon, a world leader in magnified combat optics, has proven its superior quality in multiple military scenarios. In being chosen the primary optic for the NLAW system, the Compact ACOG met the seemingly opposing demands for minimum weight and volume while providing the extreme strength needed when mounted on the NLAW. Trijicon met or exceeded all functional tests, including the requirement to have a functional life of over 20 years, without service or change of energy source. In addition, the sight will be zeroed during assembly of the NLAW and will not need to be adjusted again.

The development work for the NLAW system was completed in Sweden by SAAB Bofors Dynamics as the prime contractor, working with companies from Sweden, the UK, Finland, and the United States. Final assembly will be done by Thales Air Defence Ltd., in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Read more about NLAW at www.saab.se

Read more about Compact ACOG and all Trijicon optics at www.trijicon.com

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