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American Technologies Network, Corp. (ATN) The PS22-3A Turns Daytime Weapons Sights Into Night Vision Systems

South San Francisco, CA – Recognizing that Law Enforcement and Military personnel serve 24/7, American Technologies Network, Corp. (ATN) has developed a state-of-the-art day/night solution that is compatible with riflescopes, spotting scopes, or even as a hand-held unit. The PS22-3A night vision front sight mounts directly in front of your daytime scope quickly and securely without tools; making it Night Vision operational. With your daytime scope already zeroed, the PS22-3A requires no further zeroing and allows you full use of all the features of your daytime scope. The PS22-3A features top of the line 3rd generation Select Alpha Tubes. These 3A image intensifier tubes are hand picked to provide the highest in quality and performance and have a guaranteed resolution of 64/72lp/mm and a minimum signal to noise ratio of 20.

The PS22-3A has a catadioptic front lens system which combines specifically shaped mirrors and lenses allowing for very fast focal ratios and for a smaller and more lightweight lens. The PS22-3A weighs in at only 650 grams. The glass optics is multi-coated for better optical view and protection from the elements. The PS22-3A comes standard with a 7/8” Weaver mount and an optional Adaptor that clips the PS22-3A to the front of your scope or an ARMS quick release mount is also available.

The ATN PS22-3A Night Vision System is also available as a Generation 2+ in the ATN PS22-2, a Generation CGT in the ATN PS22-CGT, and a Generation HPT as the ATN PS22-HPT. The law enforcement/military 3rd generation ATN PS22-3A has an MSRP of $4,695.

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