Sightmark Supports Law Enforcement

A serious job requires serious equipment. You need duty gear from a company you can confidently trust that designed products with your safety as a priority. Sightmark—serving those who serve.

Sightmark stands behind our nation’s law enforcement and like you, is dedicated to the safety of its community. Located in Mansfield, Texas, Sightmark has built a team of experienced local retired and current law enforcement personnel to help government and LE make informed purchase decisions, as well as making the purchase process go as smoothly and quickly as possible. Those who protect and serve our great country need reliable gear that holds up during the most crucial situations.

Sightmark’s red dot sights, reflex sights and tactical riflescopes with high-quality class help improve accuracy and quick target acquisition of fast-moving targets in close quarters. Sightmark’s tactical gear is durable and constructed of high-end components that when mounted on your patrol rifle make police officers safer and more efficient. Many of Sightmark’s optics are tested on the field and recommended by the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA.) Officers of the law trust Sightmark products and an extraordinary level of service.

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