Sightmark T-3 and T-5 Magnifiers

The low-profile T-3 and T-5 Magnifiers allow for quick transition between CQB and long range.


The T-3 and T-5 Magnifiers from Sightmark offers 3x and 5x magnification for your red dot or reflex sight. With the integrated locking quick-detach, flip-to-side mount, the magnifiers allow you to rapidly transition from engaging targets at close distances to longer range out to 100 (T-3) and 200 yards (T-5). Mount this compact and low-profile magnifier directly behind your red dot or reflex sight for absolute co-witness. The fully multi-coated lenses offer a bright and clear image for greater point of impact recognition. External windage and elevation adjustments align the reticle to the center of the magnifier’s field of view. Constructed of durable aluminum, the Sightmark T-3 and T-5 magnifiers are IP55 water resistant and recoil-rated up to .308 Winchester. They are compatible with most red dot and reflex sights on the market, including Aimpoint and EoTech. The T-3 has 43.3-feet field of view at 100 yards, a 23mm objective lens and weighs only 10.6 ounces. The T-5 features a 23mm objective lens, 29.6-feet field of view at 100 yards and weighs 10.9 ounces. For target shooting, 3-gun competition and hunting, the T-3 and T-5 allows you to engage targets at mid-range to CQB quickly and effortlessly.

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