The Police Marksman review: Hardigg iM3300 Storm Case

By Sheppard Kelly

A rifle like the GA Precision needs a suitable case. I recently received a Hardigg iM3300 Storm case designed for the military M24 sniper weapon system. Hardigg has been in the packaging and transport case industry for over 50 years. Their customers have ranged from military and law enforcement to information and electronic technology, marine, photography and outdoor recreation. They've patented features that have made the Hardigg Storm case the benchmark case in the industry-features such as press and pull latches, comfort grip handles, interlocking ribs, anti-shear interlocks and molded-in inserts.

Our Hardigg iM3300 Storm case was designed for the M24 and has cutouts for the rifle, scope, spotting scope, accessories as well as the M9 pistol and its magazines. The GA Precision rifle fit perfectly. Sporting injection molded outer shells, waterproof gasket seals, wheels and a very comfortable handle system, the Hardigg Storm case is rifle protection without equal. Their press and pull latches precluded the broken fingernail and bloody fingertip experience so frequent with other similarly designed cases. The Hardigg Storm case is truly a travel vault. Based on reports, our most extreme usage will not approximate the abuse the case could receive from airline baggage handlers, etc. In fact, some military personnel talk of throwing Hardigg cases out of helicopters onto rocky ground. Knowing this, I have no doubt that the case will protect my rifle.

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