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Weapon Focus: Glock's New .45 Short Frame Pistol - The Glock Model 21 SF

In response to requests from law enforcement and military alike, Glock recently introduced a newly designed version of their popular .45 caliber pistol. Although the stopping power of .45 caliber ammunition is unquestionably superior to smaller caliber handguns, the user often pays a price as most 45’s are heavier, larger and generally harder to conceal. The new Glock Model 21 SF (short frame) is an option for those who want full power ammunition in a smaller package.

Sporting a reduced trigger reach in the grip dimension, along with an ambidextrous magazine catch, the Glock Model 21 SF stands as an example of Glock’s continuing response to the needs of the end-user. This pistol incorporates either the Glock standard rail design or the new picatinny rail design, allowing for a wider range of tactical lights and lasers to be used when needed.


In keeping with features found in all Glock handguns, the Glock engineers wanted to maintain a high capacity 45, and did so with the 13-round magazine capacity found in the Model 21. To accomplish this, they reduced the outside diameter at the backstrap of the weapon. Extensive testing reveals that this minimal design change improved the way the weapon feels and reacts in the hand. More importantly, the decrease in size has not affected the firearm’s reliability and accuracy.

Another welcomed enhancement, added as a direct result of customer requests, is the ambidextrous magazine catch on the Glock 21 SF. This new feature allows for smooth magazine changes with either hand. Unfortunately, this new design element can’t be retrofitted to old style firearms because pistols configured with the ambidextrous magazine catch require a new magazine tube to operate properly. Shooters will find that the new magazine tube (designed for the ambidextrous configured firearm) will work in older model pistols, but the older model pistol tube will not work in pistols configured with the ambidextrous magazine catch.

The G21 SF is also available with the standard rail or a new picatinny rail design that will allow the use of all Glock tactical lights, as well as lights manufactured by other companies. The standard rail design is the same rail system found on all Glock pistols and provides for modular-mounting of weapon accessories, including light and laser attachments. Introduced for the first time on the G21 SF will be the picatinny rail system–a standardized rail-mounting system that is recognized by the US Military and NATO. With either system, the G21 SF continues the tradition of reliability and dependability.

Glock’s new .45 short frame pistol, the Model 21 SF embodies tremendous research and development, resulting in a weapon that incorporates many new features desired by a variety of end-users. The G21 SF does a good job of filling a niche for those who want a .45 pistol with a more secure and comfortable grasp, and with the added convenience of a magazine catch that can be actuated by either right or left-handed shooters.

For more information, contact:
Glock, Inc.
PO Box 369
Smyrna, GA 30081
Phone (770) 432-1202

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