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SHOT Show 2010: The buzz about the new Adaptive Combat Rifle

The Adaptive Combat Rifle is a collaboration between Bushmaster, Magpul, and Remington

The highly anticipated ACR from Bushmaster, Magpul, and Remington finally made its debut at this year's SHOT Show. Officers had been waiting for this release since it was first announced in 2008, and they were not disappointed with what they saw.

The weapon was exclusively built for the military and law enforcement (licensed to Remington for military/LE sale) but will be sold in the civilian market as the Bushmaster ACR. Originally named the Magpul Masada, the ACR’s innovative features include a two-position (suppressed and non-suppressed), short-stroke, gas-piston system of operation; modular, interchangeable bolt heads, barrels, magazines, buttstocks and handguards; an aluminum upper receiver and polymer lower receiver; a cold hammer-forged free-floating barrel; and ambidextrous controls.

The ACR is being called "the world's most adaptive modular rifle," and it's no surprise why. Its ability to change calibers, barrel lengths, and stock configurations quickly (without using tools) makes it the first of its kind and extremely advanced.

The rate of fire is 650-700 RPM. This is slightly higher than the SCAR which features a larger/heavier bolt carrier. It’s being offered with a 10.5-inch, 14.5-inch, and 18-inch barrel.

The ACR is currently not being displayed on Remington's website, but details can be found under Bushmaster's ACR

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