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Video: Tuff Industries in line mag pouch

If you have ever ended up with mags stuffed into your pockets, this will fix that pronto

The Tuff Industries in line mag pouch is one of those “why the hell didn’t I think of that?” products that pops up from time to time. It situates the magazines in an in-line fashion, allowing for more magazines in a smaller space.

It can be used for storage or for range/field work. It comes in a 5 or 8 pouch set with individual pockets for each magazine as well as a removable flap. It can be attached securely to either your belt or your M.O.L.L.E. vest.

It even has a strap, so you can sling it over your shoulder if needed. It’s a highly flexible method for carrying extra magazines.

It’s been invaluable in courses that required high round counts. In the past I would have ended up with mags stuffed into my pockets. The Tuff product fixed that pronto.

When not in use, I simply put the flap on, and use it for storage. One scenario for which the Tuff product may not be suitable is CCW, unless you are wearing a large baggy jacket to cover it up. And larger objects have been hidden, no doubt!

Many LEOs keep a “go bag” in their car, and the Tuff in line mag pouch is a perfect addition to that.

An added 5-8 loaded mags that can be attached to the officer’s belt or M.O.L.L.E vest in a matter of seconds.

Made from double layered 1000 denier cordura and mil-spec webbing, they hold up well under hard use conditions. I’m about to order a fourth one myself!

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