Tactical DuoStock: A buttstock for your AR-15

The design could be modernized, but I feel the functionality has real merit rather than just being a gimmick

The DuoStock has been around for a bit, but I haven't seen a whole lot about it on the nets.

My buddies at BreachBangClear sent one my way because they use it and recommended it. From what I hear, people tend to love or hate this thing.

I tried my best to be neutral, but I did see examples where people didn't want to try it based on looks alone. I will have to say it does look a bit dated and could use some more rounded edges. In the end however, it functions as advertised.

Although it has the basic features most stocks have such as adjustable length and sling attachment points, the big design spotlight is the curved end. This allows the user to easily go from a low ready / patrol position to a firing position in one smooth motion.

When used this way, it also places the weapon up higher than traditional stocks so the user does not have to raise shoulders or lower their head nearly as much.

A big thing I think some people who don't try the DuoStock miss, is that there is still a good chunk of traditional near-flat space on the stock. This allows the user to choose whichever platform is best for the situation which can certainly vary between whether armor is worn and shooting positions.

The feel of the cheek weld isn't quite as nice as some of the fancy modular stocks, but gets the job done. Currently only available in Black, but made in the good ol' USA offered in MIL-Spec and universal sizes for the AR-15 platform.

For those who feel pretty "meh" based just on looks, I highly recommend giving the DuoStock a try first. The design could be modernized, but I feel the functionality has real merit rather than just being a gimmick.

Here is one place you can purchase. Share your thoughts below.

About the author

Despite The Monkey's interest in all things tactical, his main skill set is art and design. After he graduated from college, he joined the Army Game Project team. Although his work starts in the public domain, it transitions to the full gov/training side, which he hopes will help save lives.

His status as a DOD Contractor for the US Army is not considered full military; however, the Project is a great way for him to serve with his unique skill set of videogame art and design. His morale patches are another example of using his art skills to add a little amusement in the MIL/LEO/GOV systems. He knows they won't change the world, but he's happy to see them put a smile on a service person's face when times aren't always so pleasant.

He does his best to gather tactical knowledge and participate in training, but you will never hear him claim to be some high-speed cool guy you need to listen to. He doesn't mind looking a little goofy if it helps service people learn a little more about gear. He hopes this helps them get what is best for their needs, allowing them to focus on more important things. When he reviews items, he makes sure to use them the same way a serviceperson would in order to determine if the product does what it is designed to do while being strong enough to survive hard use.

Check out his stuff at MilSpecMonkey.com.

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