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Firearms Review: The Ruger Mini-30 Tactical

While not 'bench rest' accurate, the Mini-30 is certainly capable of engaging man-sized targets out to 300 yards with relative ease

The Ruger Mini-14 should need no introduction to most American shooters. It has been in production for over thirty years and has been made in various configurations and calibers in that time. In addition to being available as a semi-auto, Ruger also made the gun in a select-fire format for sale to police departments and called it the AC-556.

The Mini-14 has been known for dependability but one of the pervious complaints about the Mini-14 was its general lack of accuracy. While the rifle was never designed as a target rifle, some samples were reportedly capable of only marginal accuracy. Ruger was aware of the continuing complaint, and, realizing that the design was getting a little long in the tooth, substantially revamped the Mini-14 in 2005. Some internal parts were changed and redesigned for better longevity but the big change was the introduction of heavier profile hammer forged barrels to vastly improve accuracy potential.

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