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SHOT Show 2012: Smith & Wesson M&P-15 MOE

Never know what you might find at SHOT Show, and this year is no different. Smith & Wesson teamed with MagPul to make a co-branded AR-15 called the M&P-15 MOE. It had all of the good stuff, like an enlarged trigger guard for gloved hands and a wider mouth on the mag well. It also is decked out with MagPul appliances.

You know, I have AR-15s with some polymer appliances, but I noticed something about this fully-equipped model that makes me want more MagPul. The forgiving part of the material also dampened the vibrations of the firing cycle, especially the long travel of the buffer assembly.

A year or so ago, I shot Doug Wyllie’s S&W M&P, and was duly impressed with the overall feel of the package. That experience gave me something to compare to the M&P-15 MOE. He needs more Magpul also. If I know Doug, he’ll just get the new M&P MOE.

I especially like the barrel design, which is a 4150 CMV, 1-in-8” with asymmetrical (5R) rifling. Think about it: If the rifling on a barrel is an odd number like this one, the bullet is not squeezed directly between two lands.

If I were to change anything, I didn’t care for the Magpul sights. However, they are some of the lightest co-witness products out there.

I think that the M&P-MOE deserves a second look. My first impression says that it has all of the right stuff to be sworn in right away.

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