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P1 Survey: Police Firearms & Firearm Accessories

70.3% of surveyed LEOs own a GLOCK

In early May of 2012, PoliceOne conducted a survey on law enforcement officers' use of firearms
and firearm accessories. We have posted the results to the survey below. They represent a poll of 629 law enforcement officers.

49.7% of LEO's primary source of firearm product research is websites.
50.1% of LEOs stated caliber was the most important factor in a firearm.
89.9% of LEOs prefer to carry their firearm on a waist holster.
84.5% of LEOs own safety glasses and 54.5% own a bag specific to firearms
and firearm accessories.
• When asked if cost was not a factor and if they were allowed to choose their duty weapon,
popular responses included: GLOCK .45 and .22, SIG SAUER 220 and 226 and various
Springfield Armory models.


SUMMARY:  81.4% of LEOs have bought a firearm within the last year, or plan on buying one
before the year is over. 


SUMMARY: 49% of LEOs are influenced by suggestions of their peers when trying new firearms. 


SUMMARY: 70.3% of LEOs own a GLOCK, closely followed by Smith & Wesson at 54%.
Other popular manufacturers listed when LEOs chose "Other" were: Springfield Armory,
Colt Firearms and Taurus International Manufacturing Inc. 

61.4% of LEOs stated their agencies allowed for personal selection of holsters. 

SUMMARY: 55.9% of LEOs stated they carry the same duty weapon as fellow
LEOs in their agency.

SUMMARY: 76.3% of LEOs responded their agencies support the use of a back up gun while on duty.

SUMMARY: 56.4% of LEOs stated that their agencies allow officers to change out standard sights.

SUMMARY: 50.1% of LEOs chose caliber as the most important firearm feature. Grip size
was the second most selected feature at 37.6%, closely followed by ability to
conceal at 26.5%. 

SUMMARY: 89.9% of LEOs prefer to carry their firearms on a waist holster.

SUMMARY: 84.5% of LEOs own safety glasses. A bag specific to firearms and firearm accessories
was next with 54.5%, closely followed by a grip at 50% and sight at 47.1%. A frequent
open-ended response to this question was "ear protection".

SUMMARY: 65.3% of LEOs own firearm accessories from Streamlight, 45.5% own accessories
from Trijicon, Inc., 31.3% own accessories from Gould & Goodrich Leather Inc., 27.3%
own accessories from Brownells Law Enforcement and other various manufacturers.


For more information and resources on firearms, visit the PoliceOne Products section.


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