Off-duty Ky. officers denied access to concert over firearms

Officials are sounding off about the incident

By PoliceOne Staff

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Several off-duty officers were denied entry to a concert because of their firearms, WDRB reported.

Officers were attempting to enter the WAMZ Acoustic Jam concert Dec. 9 when they were stopped. The concert is managed by LiveNation.

"Evidently they've had some policy changes recently and we had several police officers who were there to enjoy the event who were off-duty who were denied entrance because they were armed," President of FOP Lodge 614 Dave Mutchler said to the news site. 

Officers were allowed to secure their weapons somewhere else during the event, but department policy requires officers to be armed at all times while off-duty..

“We run into some problems with that," Mutchler told the site. “We have a policy here at LMPD that, when we're in Jefferson County —  anytime if we're off-duty —  that we're required to be armed."

This put officers in an awkward position, Mutchler explained to WDRB.

“Obviously they had bought tickets, they wanted to enjoy the concert, but at the same time they didn't want to be put into a position where they were violating the policy of the police department," Mutchler said in his interview.

The officers contacted the command staff about the incident. Mutchler told WDRB he understands how mass shootings have created nervousness around firearms but officers need them for safety. 

 “It's a very bad situation for off-duty officers when they're put in that situation, because we're required to take action when we see criminal activity,” he said to WDRB. “And if an officer is there, and they're not armed, and they need to take a police action, it's going to be a difficult thing to accomplish.”

The incident is still under investigation.

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