Texas police chief asked to leave doctor's office for carrying gun

Police Chief Philip Dupuis said his badge was on his belt next to his gun and his ID was on a lanyard around his neck

By PoliceOne Staff

CONROE, Texas — A police chief said he was told to leave a doctor’s office because he was carrying his gun.

Police Chief Philip Dupuis told The Courier that he went to see the ENT specialist Tuesday while wearing his badge on his belt next to his gun and his ID on a lanyard around his neck. 

He was checking in when the receptionist asked him about his firearm. She requested he store his firearm in his car, but Dupuis refused. He reiterated that he was an officer and he carried his weapon for his safety and the safety of others. He said he was then asked to leave.

Texas law allows licensed police officers to legally open carry anywhere in the state. But private business or property owners can create “weapons-free zones.” According to the Courier, the owner must post a sign referring to the penal code, prohibiting open and concealed carry. 

"It's just bad," Dupuis said. "My badge is clearly displayed. I have my lanyard on with 'police' on my ID card hanging around my neck. I had handcuffs. The lobby was full of people, and they asked me to leave because of who I am."

Office Manager Ryan Johnson called Dupuis to apologize and said the office has the same signs posted as other doctors’ offices regarding firearms. It’s unclear whether the signs prohibit both open and concealed carry.

"This was a mistake," Johnson said. "All we can do is sincerely apologize for it and will use it to teach our employees how to better handle these situations when they arise."


I will be looking for a new ENT, just asked to leave Dr Burkes office because I am wearing my gun, badge, and ID. I have...

Posted by Philip Dupuis on Tuesday, August 8, 2017


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