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SHOT Show 2010: RAT Grips introduces weapon grips that mold

The thermal moldable grip system is unlike any other

How many times have you held a gun, wishing that your grip would imprint itself so that the next time you grabbed for your firearm, your hand comfortably fit the handle?

This year at SHOT Show, RAT (Rapid Adaptation Technology) Grips unveiled their new product, a moldable grip made out of a patented thermal plastic. After heating the grip 175-200 degrees, the plastic will easily mold as long as your hands are wet (it’s even more comfortable if you use wet texture gloves).

Officers from around the country crowded near the RAT Grips booth, eager to watch the demonstration for how to mold the grip to your hand (be sure to check out the instructional video).

(Photo courtesy of RAT Grips)
(Photo courtesy of RAT Grips)

Ret. Master Sergeant Paul Howe says, “I use RAT Grips on my bolt action sniper rifle. A consistent grip is key to a consistent shot, and the RAT Grip System allows me to index the same spot every time with the same grip pressure on any generic rifle stock.”

Advancing the technology used in grips, the RAT Grip System doesn’t leave residue or stickiness on your gun after use. All the grips are also remoldable, cutting purchase costs and allowing you to use a grip temporarily (during training, for example).

In a user testimonial on the RAT Grips website, Deputy U.S. Marshal (ret.) Joseph Bridges says, “The real value of RAT Grips came when I started shooting. Using a shot timer, my double tap time was cut almost in half! I was able to control the weapon very effectively and the shot group was approximately the same size for both weapons at a lot faster. I have since put RAT Grip on my issue weapon and several officers in my office have had me put it on their also.”

Other benefits of using a RAT Grip: the material isn’t affected at freezing temperature, it is abrasion and solvent resistant, contains no hazardous materials, and has a consistent holding strength.

For more information, check out RAT Grips online

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