SHOT Show 2013: The Glock 30S

By PoliceOne Staff

Glock unveiled its newest pistol at SHOT Show 2013, the Glock 30S.

Produced largely in part to pleas from the law enforcement community, the conceal-and-carry hybrid pistol features impressive stopping power consisting of a factory-made 36 slide on top of a 30SF frame.

Glock says its compact design and simple operation allow smooth drawing in a .45 caliber pistol.

The 30S packs 10 rounds of .45 ACP in a package that fits the hands of most any user.

Writing on, Max Slowik, who tests the Glock 30S in the video below, said, “Glock fans have been putting together their own homegrown Glock 30S pistols for some time now, by mating the G36 slide assembly with a G30 frame and magazine.

“The end result is a high-capacity .45 for carry, bringing 10+1 rounds to the table but also a slimmer profile and slight weight reduction.”

“The G30S platform has been more than a year in the making,” Glock Vice President Josh Dorsey said.  

“Our original request from the field — particularly from law enforcement — was to have a more concealable .45 that still carries 10 rounds, so we utilized the G30 SF frame after it was thoroughly tested, presented and accepted as the desired frame for the G30S.”

Among the Glock 30S dimensions and features are:

·         Length (slide cpl.): 172 mm / 6.77 inch

·         Height with magazine: 122 mm / 4.80 inch

·         Barrel length: 96 mm / 3.78 inch

·         Length of twist: 400 mm / 15.75 inch

·         Trigger distance: 72.5 mm / 2.85 inch

·         Trigger travel to discharge: 12.5 mm / 0.49 inch

·         Length between sights (polymer): 150 mm / 5.91 inch

·         Pistol weight w/o magazine: 575 g / 20.28 oz

·         Magazine std. empty: 70 g / 2.47 oz

·         Magazine std. full**: 280 g / 9.88 oz

·         Barrel profile: right hand twist; octagonal

·         Standard Trigger pull: ~5.5lbs

·         Muzzle velocity V0**: 787 fps

·         Muzzle energy E0**: 317 ft lb

**Depending on ammo used

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