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FNH USA offers P90 Submachine Gun and PS90 Semi-automatic Carbine Armorer Course: TCR0611

Host Agency: Hastings Police Department (Minnesota)
: $195.00
Duration: 1 day
Date:  Friday, April 24, 2009,
Time: 0900 hrs. – 1700 hrs.

The P90 Armorer’s Course provides each student with a practical understanding of the key features of both the P90 submachine gun and the PS90 semi-automatic carbine.   A combination of classroom instruction and practical applications enables each student to achieve a high degree of familiarity with the firearms.  Those responsible for maintenance of the P90 submachine gun and the PS90 carbine will also benefit from this course.

Topics covered include:

• Nomenclature
• Cycle of functioning
• Care, cleaning, and lubrication
• Preventive and corrective maintenance
• Operator use
• Field and detail stripping
• Troubleshooting
• Special tools and gauges

Participants will be awarded an FNH USA Armorer Certification that is valid for a three-year period.

Location: Hastings Police Department 150 3rd Street East Hastings, MN 55033
Contact: SGT. Rod Risch, Hastings PD, RRisch@ci.hastings.mn.us, 651-480-2317
                William Buie, FNH USA Training Team: billbu@fnhusa.com  703-980-0921

FNH USA is the sales and marketing arm of FN Herstal, S.A., Belgium. Its corporate mission is to expand its global leadership position in defense, law enforcement and commercial markets by delivering superior products and the finest in training and logistical support. Visit www.fnhusa.com to view the entire line of FNH USA products and services. FNH USA, P.O. Box 697, McLean, VA, 22101, U.S.A.

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