NRLEA Announces Private Grant Opportunity for Law Enforcement

The National Rural Law Enforcement Association has been allowed to sponsor 20 agencies who wish to sign up for a Citizens Online Reporting System only from BobCOP, LLC. The first 20 agencies to sign up will only have to pay $100.00 for the first year and the initial sign-up costs of $100.00. This is a private grant from the NRLEA membership sponsors by private industry businesses who have decided to sponsor this particular system for any police entity for one year.

This does not cover any RMS integration, however if an agency chooses to do so the NRLEA is willing to individually determine the needs and could bring down costs associated with any integration for long-term contracts.

The initial cost for this system is $500.00 per year + one-time installation fee of $150.00. Total: $650.00. To demo this system, please visit the demo site at: Click Here for online demo.

The NRLEA will sponsor $450.00 for each agency. This is a first come, first served opportunity only. All qualified agencies must sign up with BobCOP. Click Here to sign up.

Please Note: This opportunity can end at any time for any reason.

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