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Save up to 25% on TigerSwan's 5-Day Pistol & Carbine Course, June 20-24

Probably the most frequent comment we get from customers who attend our shooting courses is - Now I know how to train. TigerSwan's Brilliance in the Basics® training methodology breaks down the complex task of surgical tactical shooting into smaller, less complex sub tasks so shooters can isolate and correct errors, perfect technique and develop subconscious weapons handling skills.

By request, we've added a 5-day Pistol and Carbine course June 20-24 to our schedule. This course teaches the weapons skills needed for close quarters battle (CQB).  It emphasizes safety, awareness and surgical marksmanship.  It gives the student the skills, training mindset and methodology necessary to train them self and others.   For those who really want to improve their skills - this is the course I recommend.  The 5-day format gives our instructors time to more thoroughly cover the material.  It gives students more time to absorb and understand the material, make changes in their technique and see consistent improvement by the end of the course.

Now through September 15th - pay for three slots and get the fourth free.  This results in a 25% savings and is great way for agencies to stretch their training dollars.

Our open enrollment classes provide a readymade solution to train a few individuals that were not available for previous unit training, satisfying requirements without the cost in effort and time. They are also a great way for trainers to learn a proven training methodology to develop subconscious weapons handling skills and to brush up on their instructional techniques. TigerSwan can provide the weapons, equipment and ammunition needed for the courses.  Complete equipment packages for our pistol courses start at $25 a day. Consider TigerSwan a turnkey training solution.

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