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Daniel Defense Offers New Rail on its DDM4 Rifles

BLACK CREEK, Ga. - Following months of product development, Daniel Defense is happy to announce the unveiling of the new DDM4 Rail™. Standard on most Daniel Defense rifles, this addition to the Daniel Defense family of products offers many benefits.

The DDM4 Rail™ is designed using our patented Bolt-Up™ system. Instead of 6 bolts, the DDM4 Rail™ only requires 4 bolts, The lower rail in this model is closer to the barrel and was designed for the most optimal ergonomics.

"This one-piece design has a more narror profile which lends itself to better weapon manipulation," says Jordan Hunter, Marketing Manager at Daniel Defense.

Front and Rear Sling Adaptors are integrated into both the left and right side rails. The DDM4 Rail™ measures 1.9" wide, 2.165" high with an inner diameter of 1.08".

Aside from the slimmer, more compact design of the rail, the length required for each DDM4 model will not change. Versions traditionally offered with an Omega X or Omega X with FSP will be replaced with the DDM4 Rail™ with same length and option based on the barrel configuration. Aesthetically, one can expect the new option to meet or exceed expectations.

Unlike the other rail systems offered by Daniel Defense, the DDM4 Rail™ will only be offered as part of a complete rifle or upper receiver group and not be available for individual sale. Versions being replaced will continue to be offered to customers through dealers, by phone or online at www.DanielDefense.com.

Two of the Daniel Defense versions will remain unchanged. The DDM4v7 series will continue to be built utilizing the Daniel Defense Modular Float Rail 12.0. Production of the Daniel Defense MK18 will continue to include the rail designed for US SOCOM, the RIS II.

For additional information on the DDM4 Rail™, email jhunter@DanielDefense.com.

About Daniel Defense
Daniel Defense is paving the way by engineering and manufacturing the world’s finest weapon systems, the lightest and strongest precision rail systems and precision crafted rifles available on the market today. We are intensely focused on providing top quality small arms product solutions to our Military and Law Enforcement communities. Daniel Defense is proud to be the producer of a dedicated line of Law Enforcement patrol rifle packages that truly have the Law Enforcement professional in mind. Lighter, Stronger, Better.® For more information visit www.DanielDefense.com and 'like' the official Facebook page.

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