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Del-Ton Strengthens Operations by Restructuring Key Team Members

Elizabethtown, NC - After a major renovation/addition to its manufacturing facilities in 2013, Del-Ton has added key staff and reassigned other responsibilities within the organization to build a more efficient and streamlined operation better able to serve its distributors, dealers and retail customers.

Joe Brock was named chief financial officer of Del-Ton earlier this year.  Brock has worked in a variety of roles in the textiles and meat packing industry including inventory control, operations manager, controller, and plant controller.  He brings large-scale operations experience to Del-Ton.

Charlie Newcomer was recently named Director of Sales at Del-Ton.  Newcomer’s goals are to expand Del-Ton’s product offerings, open up new sales channels, increase industry participation and establish Del-Ton as a market leader. “I am thrilled to be a member of such a progressive and innovative company.  I love this part of the country and I am stoked to be part of the Del-Ton organization,” said Newcomer. Newcomer has worked in sales at the vice-presidential level for decades and brings experience from a wide variety of industries to the Del-Ton family of AR-15 style modern sporting rifles.

Megan McKnight has been with Del-Ton for more than six years and has recently been moved into Distributor/Buy Group Sales. She began working part-time with the company building lower parts kits while attending college. Upon graduation, she joined Del-Ton full-time in retail sales, and she now handles distributor sales.

Joel Barbour was promoted to dealer sales rep with Del-Ton after six years of service in various roles in the packing department and sub-assembly which he attributes to contributing significantly to his understanding and appreciation of the AR-15, modern sporting rifle platform. He is an avid sportsman and enjoys shooting sports and fishing.

For complete technical specifications and information on Del-Ton products, please visit www.del-ton.com.

About Del-Ton Incorporated
Del-Ton Incorporated is a manufacturer of quality AR-15 style modern sporting rifles and an online supplier for parts, upgrades, accessories, optics and custom rifle kits. Based in Elizabethtown, N.C., all rifles and components for Del-Ton products are made in the U.S.A. and Del-Ton rifles carry a lifetime warranty for the original purchaser. Visit www.del-ton.com for detailed product information.

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