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The Five-seveN® Tactical Pistol Delivers Total Package

FNH USA Designed to meet the needs of special units and tactical teams the FN Five-seveN® Tactical Pistol, the companion weapon to the FN P 90®, delivers unique, lightweight, ergonomic reliability to law enforcement agencies.

According to Rick DeMilt, Director of Sales and Marketing at FNH USA, Inc., "Tactical teams, special duty and patrol officers, now have a solution when confronted by dedicated, trained and motivated criminals armed with sophisticated military weapons and wearing body armor that stops conventional rounds."

"The criminal element today is highly determined, better armed and often well prepared for their encounter with the police. After studying these risks and liabilities that are associated with the rapidly changing law enforcement environment, FNH USA, Inc. has developed this handgun and cartridge system that provides officers with the required tactical advantage they need."

The Five-seveN Tactical, 5.7 x 28-mm caliber handgun, is a single-action trigger and features a delayed blowback operating principal. With an overall length of 8.2 inches, the barrel measures 4.82 inches, and weighs only 1.36 pounds with an empty magazine and 1.64 pounds with a loaded magazine. This tactical pistol also features an integrated accessory rail that allows for ease of mounting a light or laser for low light use.

The Five-seveN Tactical features a 20-round magazine with its short, crisp trigger pull, and allows for fast and accurate shooting by law enforcement. The low recoil of this tactical pistol allows for quick re-engagement of the weapon, when needed.

As an additional safety feature, the firing pin only fires when the trigger is intentionally pulled. The manual safety also can be used to block the trigger, if needed. The Polymer frame and slide cover of this pistol is ergonomic, incredibly light and easily maintained by officers. The shrouded hammer also will not catch on equipment and is protected from impacts.

FNH USA is the sales and marketing arm of FN Herstal, S.A., whose corporate mission is to become a global leader in the areas of defense, law enforcement and associated commercial markets, providing the highest quality products and the finest in training and logistical support. For more information on any of FNH USA's products, contact Marlene Smith at 703-288-1292, e-mail: info@fnhusa.com or visit www.fnhusa.com


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