SHOT Show 2012: Remington Autoloading Versa Max

Were there any surprises at Media Day at the Range at SHOT? I saw one product that falls into the game-changer category: The Remington Autoloading Versa Max. The tactical version that I played with had an eight-round magazine. It distinguishes itself by the fact that it could handle any sized-shell, in any order, without changing anything. Most pump shotguns will, but most autos won't.

This one does it all.

Imagine this scenario. You are called up on a mutual aid and roll out of town with whatever was in your trunk. When you arrive, you find that your shell supply is limited to what was in your SideSaddle. The agency that received you handed you a box of 3” magnum shells. Your gun was set up for 2 1/2” shells. With the Versa Max, whatever shells are out there will work. I know, I carried enough shells in my bailout bag to handle anything, but you get the picture.

Unique Metering System
The Remington Versa Max uses a unique metering system that senses the shell length and adjusts on the fly.

How did it shoot? Well, I was thinking about entering some Three-Gun matches toward the end of the year with one of these. Not only did it feed well, it had an exceptional balance for this kind of firearm.

It was quick to the shoulder and soaked up recoil enough for me to empty a magazine in about three seconds.

Like I said, game changer.

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Lindsey Bertomen is a retired police officer and retired military small arms trainer. He teaches criminal justice at Hartnell College in Salinas, California. He has a BS in Criminal Justice and an MS in Online Teaching and Learning. Lindsey has taught shooting techniques for over a decade. His articles on firearms tactics have appeared in print for over a decade. Lindsey enjoys competing in shooting sports, running, and cycling events.

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