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Why repetition is your friend when it comes to holster positioning

Each time you start your shift, make sure your duty belt and equipment within is in good working order.

Is your holster located in the sweet spot for your draw to be at its best? When you put your duty belt on, the location of your pistol should be your primary concern, since it is the most important piece of equipment on your belt. A shift of an inch or two in the location of your holster can result in a grip that is higher or lower on the back strap than you want.

If you are not sure where your sweet spot is, here is a tip: Close your eyes and, with no duty belt on, reach 10 times to where you would grip your pistol. On the tenth time, look to see where your hand is. This is your natural draw position.

Adjust your holster on your belt to that position, and then make sure when you put your duty belt on that it is in the right spot. Place a keeper right in front of and right behind your holster – even if you use a Velcro inner belt – to ensure it stays in the same place during your shift. Then each shift practice at least 10 draws to make sure you draw your unloaded pistol cleanly, building the maneuver into your motor memory.

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