How to return your Remington 870 to squad condition

Do you know how to safely return your shotgun to it’s original condition without shucking shells all over the ground?

1.    On a Remington 870, depress the action release and move the forearm back until you hear the first click. 
2.    With the butt of the stock on your hip, with the muzzle pointed up in a safe position cup your dominant hand over the ejection port. 
3.    Drive the forearm to the rear hard, to ensure that the shell hits the ejector hard enough to kick it loose and release the next shell. 
4.    Leave your hand over the ejection port and bring it in over your holster, remove the first shell and the second will fall out. Keep the gun parallel to the floor or the second shell may fall down into the chamber.

That’s it. You’ve returned your Remington 870 to squad condition.

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