Introducing the New Dynamax Core Trainer 2

Dynamax Core Trainer 2 – The "hard core" gyroscopic marvel that will exceed your expectations by miles!

"Wow! I don't believe it! Absolutely amazing!"

Those are just a few of the reactions we hear when people try the new Dynamax Core Trainer 2 for the very first time. Simply put, The Dynamax Core Trainer 2 blows people away, because its unlike any fitness device they have ever tried before!

At Dynaflex International, we understand that you demand the very best in cutting-edge fitness equipment. That's why the DynaMax Core Trainer 2 is guaranteed to exceed your expectations by miles! Nearly a decade in the making, the DynaMax Core Trainer 2 is the ultimate in hand-held exercise gyroscopic fitness technology! The DynaMax Core Trainer 2 is designed to deliver an intense upper body, fat burning, and core training workout in just minutes a day!

Powered by a high speed, 2-axis gyroscopic rotor, this lightweight exercise breakthrough produces up to 200 lbs. of dynamic resistance. A quick pull of the instant starter cord... and you're in for the most amazing core-training workout of your life! But don't take our word for it... it's one of those experiences that must be experienced to be believed!

The DynaMax Core Trainer 2 features built-in LED lights, allowing you to visually see how fast the gyro is spinning. The faster your DynaMax Core Trainer 2 spins, the more magnificent the light show.

Originally designed for the US Military Special Forces, the DynaMax Core Trainer 2 is now available to you! But be forewarned... once you try the DynaMax Core Trainer 2 -- you won't want to put it down! It's the "hard core", patented, hand-held fitness machine that's been missing from your workout program!

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