Union Springs Pharmaceuticals Launches New Disposable Respirator with Antimicrobial Coating

The ViralClyns N95 respirators are available as two models including the A430, which fits small to medium face sizes, and the A450 that fits medium to large face sizes. ViralClyns has been proven effective in filtering 95% of airborne particles and microorganisms including bacteria, viruses, fungi, bacterial spores and protozoa. It also features a close-fitting face seal that provides important advantages versus other commonly used respirators. When independently tested, ViralClyns had significantly less inward leakage of airborne pathogens and therefore has a superior overall safety profile.

“We developed the ViralClyns respirator with the user’s safety, comfort and budget in mind,” Union Springs Pharmaceuticals Chief Development Officer Joel Ivers said. “ViralClyns is less bulky and is easier to store than traditional respirators, and has a more effective design to protect against harmful pathogens. It fits like a mask but has the filtration level of a respirator. Also, its antimicrobial technology provides unmatched protection; better than any other respirator and vastly superior to simple masks.”

ViralClyns is the latest addition to Union Spring’s Clyns Brands™ line of germ defense products that includes its flagship product MyClyns. More information about ViralClyns, MyClyns, or the company’s T-5000 respirator can be accessed at www.clynsbrands.com.

The ViralClyns respirator is available in boxes of 25 and can be purchased by calling 1-877-Go-Clyns or online at www.clynsbrands.com.

About Union Springs Pharmaceuticals, LLC
Union Springs Pharmaceuticals specializes in providing innovative personal and environmental protection products for the EMS, fire, law enforcement, corrections, military, government, healthcare and consumer markets. Union Springs Pharmaceuticals currently markets MyClyns, the revolutionary personal protection spray that is safe to spray into the eyes, nose and mouth. The company also offers P95 T-5000 and T-5000V respirators, and N95 ViralClyns respirators, the only disposable respirators with coated with an antimicrobial for extra protection. More information on Union Springs Pharmaceuticals and its products can be found at www.ClynsBrands.com.

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