Texas Police Games hosted by Fort Worth Police Department

Texas Police games are open to all United States

The Texas Police Games are well organized competitive events that enable commissioned Police Officers the opportunity to compete with fellow Police Officers from the State of Texas as well as on a nationwide level. The idea of promoting good physical condition, through competitive athletic competition and sportsmanship.

The games have provided a strong moral factor, instilling pride in the law enforcement profession and in competitive achievements.

List of Events 
Archery, Basketball, Bass tournament, Billiards, Bowling, CrossFit, Cycling, Cross country, Dirt Bike, Darts, Dominoes, Duathlon, Flag Football, Golf, Karate, Motorcycle Rodeo, Mountain Bike, Pistol Tactical, Powerlifting, Racquetball, Rifle, Shotgun Events, Soccer, Softball, Submission Wrestling, Tennis, Texas Hold’em, Track-Field, Triathlon, Volleyball, and 5k&10k Run

Dates & Location 
Hosted by the Fort Worth Police Department - 511 W Felix St. Fort Worth TX, 76115

June 2018, 10th-16th

Registration open February 5, 2018



About the Texas Police Games
The concept of the Texas Police Athletic Federation, better known as the TPAF, was conceived in 1974 by officers Steve G. Baggs (Texas Department of Public Safety), O.L. Cullum (Ft, Worth Police Department) and Tim R. Vought (Dallas Police Department). These officers conducted the first Texas Police Recruit Championships in Dallas in April of 1975. The event was repeated in Austin in January of 1976 and in Ft. Worth in December of 1976.

The first Texas Police Olympics were held in Dallas, TX in 1977 with participation over 250. Each year the Games have grown with participation well over 1200. The hosting cities for the Texas Police Games have ranged from far West Texas to East Texas, from North Texas to South Texas

The Police Games, both state and international, have manifested numerous benefits for law enforcement officers in cities throughout the United States and for the citizens of the communities in which these officers serve.


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