RAM FX6 newest innovation in tactical entry

Retired SWAT officer creates air-powered door ram

By Scott M. Bruner
PoliceOne Product Editor

With 12 years as a SWAT member and eight working vice and narcotics, Scott Chambers knows the importance of surprise when serving search warrants. He also knew of the severe hazards involved.

In January 2008, when his partner Detective Jarrod Shivers was killed while serving a warrant, he was reminded of the very real dangers. Shivers was hit by gunfire from inside the home he and Chambers had been attempting to enter. He realized then that the idea of a self-powered ram he'd been toying with might not only be helpful, it could save a life.

This summer, Chambers' company, Rapid Entry Solutions, is set to release the RAM FX6, an air-powered ram that can deliver 32,000 pounds of force – in addition to the force of the manual swing behind it. The idea is to knock down doors on the first swing, without repeated attempts and without risking the dangers of explosive entries.

"I'd been conceptually developing it for 5-6 years," Chambers said. "I realized we needed some type of tool to bridge the gap between a manual ram and shotgun or explosion breaching."

The FX6 RAM is designed to knock doors down in one powerful blow from the RAM – allowing SWAT and police officers to not lose any critical time during an entry.

"The idea behind this is to create a level playing field. Working with the RAM can knock a standard locking mechanism down about 98-99% of the time. It allows them to maintain the elements of surprise all the way through a warrant service," Chambers said

The RAM FX6 weighs 40 pounds, only 4 more than the standard, cement-filled cylinder used by SWAT forces. Chambers wanted to make the RAM as easy to use as the standard ram.

"The main goal was to keep the RAM as consistent with what teams are using now. There's not much change for the end user," Chambers said.

The cost of the FX6 is approximately $7,000. It's currently under testing by focus groups but is expected out no later than July of 2010. If initial indications are correct, it's likely to be a popular product. Chambers said in one week alone he's had 350-400 inquiries on the RAM.

Chambers, though will be happier to know that it might make his fellow officers' lives a little safer.

For more information, visit http://www.rapidentrysolutions.com.

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