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For Cops, By Cops: The Original BUG Pocket

The Original BUG Pocket is a solution for officers who need a comfortable way to carry a backup gun

Business Name: R&Y Custom Vest Carriers
Product: The Original BUG Pocket
Officer(s) who work here: Retired LAPD officer Randy Garcia
Website: http://www.bugpocket.com/

What is your signature product?
The Original BUG Pocket, which is a solution for officers who need a comfortable way to carry a backup gun.

Where did the idea come from?
When I came out of the academy in my probationary year, every training officer I worked with always made sure they carried a backup. It's a great idea, but I kept having to move it around. In my pocket, it was uncomfortable and kept tearing my pants - and I couldn't get to it with my strong hand.

How did that idea turn into a product?
One day I just took out my trauma plate and stuck my gun in there. That's where it started, and then it developed into the holster.

Can you describe how it's worn on the body?
The BUG pocket is sown onto any department-issued vest. Once it's there, you can unstitch it later so when you return your vest to your agency, it stays the same. In the long run, you're not altering your vest or your vest cover.

Why wear it there?
Carrying a gun in there is a surprise. Some officers buy these clip-on holsters and put it on the vest, which is a good idea but isn't safe. If you get shot, the bullet could ricochet in your face, in your throat - somewhere. You're better off letting the vest do its job.

How did you test it out?
We kept adding layers of Kevlar until we reached the right balance. Through testing we've made sure it's sturdy, and it can survive six shots in the same place without breaking.

Where do you promote the Original BUG Pocket?
Online. With the internet, I get people from all over the US making orders. I just had a guy buy 35 from me, and I made ten of them customized. They were taller, longer, which I had never done before.

Why is carrying a backup gun important to you?
In smaller rural areas, guys are working one-man cars. The next officer available might be 20 minutes away. Most places use semiautomatics, so there's anything that could happen. If you don't have a second gun on you, you're kinda dead in the water.

Anything else to add?
With the BUG pocket, if you have your vest with you, you will always have an extra holster with you.

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