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2019 Guide to Police Recruitment [eBook]

How to find and hire the right candidates for your agency

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The current police recruitment crisis is impacting law enforcement nationwide. Regardless of department size or geographic location, agencies are facing staffing shortages that are leading to excessive overtime costs, and exhausted and demoralized officers.

Today’s agencies need to develop hiring strategies to increase the likelihood of recruiting and retaining the next generation of police officers.

2019 Guide to Police Recruitment
2019 Guide to Police Recruitment

This eBook details key strategies law enforcement leadership can immediately implement to begin bolstering their ranks.

In this free eBook you’ll learn:

  1. How to prepare for America’s next generation of police officers.
  2. Why police departments need to recruit for resiliency.
  3. 5 ways police leaders can recruit and retain millennials.
  4. 5 reasons to find a partner for your background investigation process.

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