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January 2011 Product Roundup: Investigation

PoliceOne is focusing on news and product information about Investigations throughout the month of January 2010. Check out some of the latest products available today.

AFIX Technologies, Inc.'s AFIX Tracker®
AFIX Tracker® is a fully featured minutia-based fingerprint and palmprint identification system. This product has multiple applications but is aimed principally toward crime scene investigations. AFIX Tracker 5® provides many advanced capabilities including “lights out” remote search and fully-scalable search capabilities. AFIX Tracker® is compatible with all major livescan devices and it can share those files with other NIST compliant systems. AFIX Tracker®’s features and capabilities provide a flexible and affordable solution that rivals the most expensive AFIS systems. For more product details visit www.afix.net or request more information here.

NIK Public Safety 50-Pac® Investigation Kit
Recommended for patrol operations, remote field operations, precinct and squad room testing operations. The 50-Pac ® is a good routine investigation kit for presumptively identifying opium alkaloids, amphetamines, demerol, barbiturates, LSD, and marijuana. This kit allows for two levels of screening for many substances. Contains 50 individual presumptive tests. One box each of Tests A through E, one box of Acid Neutralizer Test F and one Polytesting Instruction Manual. For more information on presumptive drug testing, visit Safariland's full Forensics Section at together.safariland.com.

Pyramid Vision's VideoDe
VideoDetective is Pyramid Vision’s real-time video surveillance and forensic analysis toolkit. It’s a self-contained, portable video-processing lab that turns shaky, blurry, or obscure images into sharper, clearer video. VideoDetective dramatically improves the quality of live or pre-recorded video images. These enhanced images can then be distributed via email to facilitate collaborative crime fighting efforts. Portable and rugged workstation. Ruggedized hardware fit for use in harsh environments. Clearer video evidence that supports speedy resolution of investigations and trials. Real-time processing capabilities for covert surveillance. For more product information, visit www.pyramidvision.com.

Forensic Quest® from Logicube
The Forensic Quest® is a compact, hand-held forensic data acquisition device featuring MD5 authentication, DD imaging, native write-protect and localized multi-language user interface. Built-in SATA/PATA connectivity along with direct to IDE interface provides fast capture speeds; MD5 and DD imaging occur simultaneously at up to 2.0GB/min with this small but powerful solution. PCMCIA support is available with the optional CloneCardPro® adapter. The Quest is the perfect solution for the demanding requirements of law enforcement, military, corporate security and public and private investigators. Learn more at www.logicube.com.

Signature Scene Field Reporting Software from Trancite

Signature Scene is a complete field reporting software tool which allows for quick and efficient documentation of criminal acts, accident scenes, inspections or site surveys. Trancite Logic Systems built Signature Scene's core engine from the same software used by more than 3,500 law enforcement agencies around the world. It is currently used by the Research and Innovative Technology Administration's Transportation Safety Institute to train aircraft investigators. Visit www.trancite.com and download a free trial of Signature Scene here.

For more information on Law Enforcement Investigations products, visit the PoliceOne Investigation Product Category.

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