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January 2010: Investigation Products Roundup

PoliceOne is focusing on news, products and information about Investigation for the month of January 2010. Check out the roundup of the latest Investigation products available today. To help make the most informed Investigation purchasing decision, be sure to reference PoliceOne's How to Buy Directory for full reports on How to Buy: Video Surveillance Equipment, How to Buy: Computer Forensics Products, How to Buy: Evidence Management Equipment and more.

GeoLynx CrimeAnalystGeoComm's GeoLynx CrimeAnalyst
GeoLynx CrimeAnalyst provides the tools needed to geographically define criminal activities in order to detect patterns, trends, and ultimately, make intelligent policing decisions based on actionable data. GeoLynx CrimeAnalyst uses the power of the ESRI ArcGIS suite of products to collect, combine, visualize, analyze, and share crime information in real-time. Try GeoComm’s GeoLynx CrimeAnalyst extension for ArcGIS free for 30 days or visit www.geo-comm.com for more informations and product details.

CLEAR information delivery tool from WestCLEAR information delivery tool from West
The premium search; Web Analytics on CLEAR gives you access to more than one trillion pages – 500 times as many as you could reach in an ordinary Web search. Web Analytics applies sophisticated tools to let you quickly see the Web information that's most useful to your investigation – the same types of tools you have for public and proprietary records on CLEAR. Play the expert video or visit www.west.thomson.com for more information.

AFIX Technologies AFIX Identifier AFIX Technologies AFIX Identifier

AFIX Identifier® provides the ability to identify unknown subjects by conducting a 1:n search of fingerprint databases. AFIX Identifier searches using 2 to 10 fingerprint images captured from the unknown subject with the included digital capture device. AFIX Identifier is currently being used to provide fingerprint identification at booking and for remote ID from hand held units, but can be used for any application where a 1:n search is required. Visit www.afix.net to learn more or contact AFIX for more information.

NIK Public Safety 50-Pac® Investigation KitNIK Public Safety 50-Pac® Investigation Kit
Recommended for patrol operations, remote field operations, precinct and squad room testing operations. The 50-Pac® is a good routine investigation kit for presumptively identifying opium alkaloids, amphetamines, demerol, barbiturates, LSD, and marijuana. This kit allows for two levels of screening for many substances. Contains 50 individual presumptive tests. One box each of Tests A through E, one box of Acid Neutralizer Test F and one Polytesting Instruction Manual. For more information on presumptive drug testing, visit Safariland's full Forensics Section at www.safariland.com.

For more on Investigation news, products and information, visit the PoliceOne Investigation Product Category.

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