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New Hampshire State Police Selects Memex To Aid In The Sharing

Memex Intelligence Management System supports New Hampshire State Police and Local Agencies in the fight against terrorism.

VIENNA, Va. – Memex, Inc., the leading worldwide provider of intelligence management and analysis solutions, today announced a statewide intelligence-led policing initiative in New Hampshire.

On behalf of the Department of Safety and the New Hampshire State Police, the state selected Memex to provide a criminal-intelligence system that will aid terrorism investigations across the state.

This is Memex’s fifth state-level deployment in the U.S. and the third statewide multijurisdictional intelligence system. Memex currently provides intelligence systems to the Pennsylvania State Police, Delaware State Police, New Jersey State Police and the Ohio Office of Attorney General – Bureau of Criminal Investigation.

“The ability to communicate and share terrorism intelligence among partner agencies has never been more important,” said Lieutenant David Cargill, Commander of the New Hampshire State Police Intelligence Unit. “The Memex system is a strategic tool in managing terrorism intelligence information, accessing that information at a moment’s notice and providing it to the law-enforcement officers on the street.”

The statewide multi-jurisdictional terrorism intelligence management system will allow the New Hampshire State Police and partner agencies to gather, collate, track, analyze and disseminate terrorism intelligence information, including counterterrorism tips and leads. The system also will be used to counteract conventional criminal activity, including street gangs, organized crime, money laundering and high-volume crimes.

The Memex system also provides powerful analysis and visualization tools across existing intelligence databases while providing standard functions for the gathering and management of terrorism intelligence and information in accordance with federal and local guidelines. “The platform selected by the New Hampshire State Police will improve operational effectiveness by enabling the searching of all intelligence databases concurrently,” said Stephen Daniels, General Manager – Eastern Division at Memex. “The Memex system also provides case de-confliction and provides proactive notifications to units within the state police and partner agencies.”

In addition, the flexibility of the Memex system provides a secure platform for developing multijurisdictional information-sharing initiatives with law-enforcement partners across New Hampshire and beyond.

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