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SpectorSoft Case Study Shows Monitoring Technology Entrenched in Critical Law Enforcement Activity Nationwide

Spector Pro, eBlaster excel in State, Federal, and Independent Probation Work

SpectorSoft Corporation (www.SpectorSoft.com), the worldwide leader in Internet Monitoring and Surveillance Software, announced the availability of a powerful Case Study in which state, federal, and independent probation work is shown to rely on the monitoring technology inherent in SpectorSoft software products.

The Case Study, “SpectorSoft Monitoring Technology: A Law Enforcement Standout,” describes impressive performances of both Spector Pro and eBlaster in perhaps their most demanding roles as part of monitoring not only registered sex offenders on what often is life probation, but the pretrial probation period of individuals accused of federal offenses using a computer.

Powerful testimonials from experts in their law enforcement field include expert consultant Jim Tanner, Ph.D., GSLC, and President of KBSolutions, Inc.; Greg Brown, Chief Probation Officer, Boulder County, Colorado; and a Senior U.S. Probation Services Officer.

Writes Tanner in his paper Rethinking Computer Management of Sex Offenders Under Community Supervision: “Based on cost, ease of use, functionality, support, and security issues, we selected Spector Pro monitoring software.

“We have made hundreds of installations and completed thousands of reviews. To date no offender has successfully attacked Spector Pro or defeated it. Those few who did try were caught when the supervising officer found the attempts chronicled in detail by Spector Pro itself.”

Said Brown: “A deviant subculture thrives on the Internet. Monitoring with Spector Pro, backed by the remote monitoring assistance of eBlaster, helps us eliminate offender involvement in that risky environment … and that goes a long way to providing safety in the community.”

The federal officer's compelling declaration: “SpectorSoft monitoring is powerful, reliable, and undetectable. Once our guys know they're being watched, they tend to behave.”

For a printed or electronic copy of the Case Study, “SpectorSoft Monitoring Technology: A Law Enforcement Standout,” contact Kasey Sellati.

About SpectorSoft

SpectorSoft develops, markets and supports PC and Internet monitoring and surveillance products for education, business, government and home users, including Spector Pro, eBlaster, Spector for Mac, Spector CNE Investigator, and Spector 360. SpectorSoft monitoring technology twice has been awarded the prestigious PC Magazine Editors' Choice Award. SpectorSoft is a 2007 Inc. 5000 company and is a two-time recipient of the Inc. 500 award for being one of the fastest growing privately held companies in America.

For more information about SpectorSoft Corporation and its monitoring software products, please visit www.spectorsoft.com. For more information about SpectorSoft's Partners Program, please visit www.spectorsoftpartners.com.

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