Bair Software Helped Nab Robbery Suspects

Law enforcement across the states are beginning to see the benefit of using more technology and software to solve crimes in their cities.

North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper says technology is vital to all law enforcement agencies in the state of North Carolina. Recently in Greenville, three armed robbers were charged with at least 8 different armed robberies. Those three suspects are now behind bars thanks to the new software Crime View and also ATAC which stands for Automative Tactical Analysis of Crime. Both systems operate to track trends of criminals. When a crime happens the crime analysis unit inputs data into the system- everything from the way the criminal entered the business, what time of day it was, the location and even down to what the weather was at the time of the crime. Its technology Cooper says is priceless

Roy Cooper states, "We have to use the most up to date technology to fight crime there is many ways that law enforcement doesn't even talk about publicly that the use technology to catch criminals."

Greenville police have had the two pieces of software for only two months.

About Bair Software

BAIR (Behavioral Analysis & Intelligence Resources) is an analytical software and service company dedicated to providing public safety, national security and defense entities the innovative tools and subject-matter expertise needed to identify, analyze and resolve problems created by the actions, offenders and networks that threaten the nation. BAIR is an SBA certified, woman-owned small business with extensive staff experience as analysts, police officers, researchers, developers and military personnel.  

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