The New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department Selects Column Technologies' Case Management Solution

Downers Grove, IL - Column Technologies, a global technology, management consulting, and services company, today announced that the New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department has selected Column Technologies' Case Management solution. The New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department has selected Column Case Management for investigations ranging from liquor violations to tattoo parlor inquires. The Regulation and Licensing Department serves the people of New Mexico by protecting public health and welfare. The Department licenses and regulates and monitors approximately 211,000 individuals and businesses in 35 separate industries and professions and currently performs this function with only 325 employees.

There is a need for increased visibility into the investigation and litigation functions delivered by the department due to ever increasing statutory and regulatory requirements that govern the various boards, commissions and divisions. Increasing regulations and current economic pressures means it is imperative that the State of New Mexico, Regulation and Licensing Department continue establishing its solid foundation for processing and managing investigation and supporting cases. The department must be able to continually provide more services without increasing expensive assets such as human resources.

Column Case Management will allow superior visibility into the ongoing cases and investigations, thus providing management the ability to allocate resources more efficiently and effectively. By providing case management process enforcement, data tracking and data entity relationships, case task assignments, case narratives, file attachments, electronic form management, statistics, metrics, and reporting, Column Case Management will enable the New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department with the necessary tools to track cases from start to finish and the ability to pull relevant data quickly and accurately for reporting purposes. Within the United States, Column Case Management for Investigations is widely held within Law Enforcement, Inspector General, and Regulatory agencies.

About Column Technologies:
Established in 1998, Column Technologies is a global technology, management consulting, and services company that helps commercial and public sector organizations improve service efficiency while lowering costs and risk. Headquartered in the United States, we have 275 employees around the world, as well as offices in Australia, Canada, India, Singapore, South Africa, and the United Kingdom. For additional information about Column Technologies, please visit or call 1-866-265-8665.

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