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Ocean Systems’ Omnivore Plays Vital Role in Vancouver Stanley Cup Riot Investigation

Burtonsville, MD -- Ocean Systems announces that Omnivore™, the latest addition to its suite of market leading forensic video analysis solutions played a key role in processing over 5000 hours of video evidence that documents the criminal activities that took place during the historic Stanley Cup riots. With so much video to process, Vancouver PD IRIT reached out to the LEVA National Digital Multimedia Processing Lab at University of Indianapolis and LEVA activated its Forensic Video Analysis Response Team. At the lab, twenty Omnivores were utilized twenty-four hours a day over a two week period by over forty expert forensic video analysts from the US, Canada and the UK working in three shifts around the clock. The raw video recorded by thousands of cameras and cell phones was processed into a standardized uncompressed format so it could be indexed and cataloged so the investigators can search by identifying keywords so they can quickly locate suspects as they commit various criminal acts such as arson, looting and serious assaults.

With the 5000 hours of video logged, the Vancouver IRIT investigators and forensic video staff continue the work back at Vancouver PD using multiple Ocean Systems forensic video analysis systems. The first wave of riot-related charges stemming from this evidence is being submitted to the Crown prosecution. Chief Chu of the Vancouver Police Department’s will be holding a press conference on Monday, October 31st at 10:30 a.m. PST. He will be announcing the number of recommended charges and will talk about the success the investigators are having as a result of the work done in Indianapolis.

The press conference will be streamed live on Oct 31th at 10:30 am PST http://www.vpd.ca.

The LEVA lab chose Ocean Systems dTective, because they are the most prolific and capable systems available to law enforcement for video analysis. The lab has twenty complete Ocean Systems dTective systems all connected by Avid shared storage at the National Digital Multimedia Evidence Processing Lab at the University of Indianapolis. The Vancouver Police Department operates a number of Ocean Systems dTective systems and recently purchased additional dTective systems and an Avid Technology ISIS shared storage solution in order to manage and collaborate on the massive amount of video evidence they collected so they can conclude their investigations.

Ocean Systems forensic solutions can process proprietary digital video, still images and audio. Video can be stabilized or important areas can be clarified with super resolution. Faces, license plates, tattoos or other important areas of interest can be highlighted or obscured for demonstrative presentations. With a full dTective solution, one can even perform a pixel-by-pixel comparison from before and after videos to help determine if there was a theft, even when the naked eye cannot identify if anything was missing.

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About Ocean Systems 
Since 1999, Ocean Systems has been providing multi-media evidence clarification and case management systems to law enforcement. Since then, dTective® has become an industry standard and the system of choice of over 1,500 Local, State and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies in the US and around the world.
Ocean Systems dTective® solutions are listed on (GSA) Schedule; contract number GS-35F-0638J.


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