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PCSS1 Pole Camera Available Now from Tactical Electronics

The PCSS1 Wireless Pole Camera provides ultimate flexibility for tactical teams. The lightweight system has no cumbersome belt packs or external cables. Tactical Electronics Pole Cameras are used all over the world by various EOD and SWAT teams.

Wireless operation of the Pole Camera is simple. The unit can be placed on-target and viewed wirelessly with any Tactical Electronics monitoring option. The small handle assembly houses the wireless transmitter and there is no external antenna needed for operation.

When an area is not secure for wireless operation, any of our camera systems can be hard-wired to our Handheld Monitor. We provide the needed cable with the PCSS1 Pole Camera kit that will allow you to hard-wire the equipment. Switching from wireless mode to hard-wired mode is simple: just plug the cable into the camera and the monitor to terminate the wireless signal!

Color & b/w waterproof camera heads are included with every Pole Camera kit. The color camera head has infrared LEDs for enhanced viewing in darker areas. The black & white camera head has IR LEDs and is essential for viewing in low-light or no-light situations. Additional light sources can be attached to the Weaver mounts on the camera heads. The cameras have a rotating face and flexible neck that ensures proper viewing orientation at all times.

The interchangable camera heads and extensions are all built with our quick-change technology. A snap-in connection and then the push of a single button releases the camera heads or extensions giving operators the simplicity needed during complex operations. Two extensions are included with each Pole Camera kit. Multiple quick-change extensions can extend the pole camera to an infinite distance. Each extension weighs only 0.6 lbs.

All of our monitors are completely wireless and have no external antennas, cables, or battery packs; they can receive images in black and white, color, and infrared.  Every monitoring option has a 4-channel wireless receiver that can receive video signals from any wireless Tactical Electronics camera. Please see the monitoring options section for more information.

Most wireless Tactical Electronics camera systems utilize 3V Lithium batteries for operation. The PCSS1 Pole Camera operates over 8 continuous hours on four batteries. Ther are no external battery packs — the handle assembly of the Pole Camera houses the battery compartment along with the wireless transmitter and still weighs less than 3 lbs!

For more information about this and other Tactical Electronics products please visit, www.tacticalelectronics.com.

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