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Laptop Computer Interfaced In-Car Video System by Shryock Communications

Shryock Communications headquartered in El Dorado, Arkansas has been designing and building police in-car video systems since 1994 and has just released the newest addition to the Viper Police in-car video family. Described as the new HD system this unit records with the help of a 0.5lux, 520 lines digital 3.9 to 105.3mm zoom camera, and interfaces through the USB port to the vehicles laptop computer for monitoring. The DVR records to a SDHC secure digital card up to 16 GB. with a resolution of 1280X720.

System comes complete with on screen display of all activation modes, time-date, department name, GPS coordinates and patrol car speed and heading. The Viper Police system even includes a 4GB starter SD card so there is nothing else to buy - once you receive your system you are up and running. Installation is a snap with only three wires to connect to the plug-n-play unit. The system is topped off with a 2.4 GHZ. 1000'' range rechargeable body mic system which also activates the video system and even more, the system will automatically activate the officers body mic in a few seconds should he forget to turn it on. The new HD system may also be activated by the patrol car reaching a pre-set speed. The unbelievable price for this entire system is only $2695.00 and available through their website, www.policeincarvideo.com, or through one of their distributors. The Viper Police systems are geared to the low budgets of the smaller police departments and law enforcement agencies throughout the U.S.

For more information, visit www.policeincarvideo.com

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