Digital Ally Introduces OnCommand IS-1 In-Car Video System Control Software at 118th Annual International Chiefs of Police Conference

At this year’s IACP Conference, Digital Ally, Inc., which develops, manufactures and markets advanced video surveillance, speed enforcement and thermal imaging products, is introducing new software that allows a laptop, MDT or MDC to control the DVM-750 In-Car Video System.

The OnCommand IS-1 Interface Software provides full control of the DVM-750 In-Car Video System via Touch Screen (easy to use, graphical on-screen buttons) or Keyboard Interface. This includes user and password entry, recording, audio controls, camera selection, zooming, event marking, playback, metadata display, menu access, and more. If the laptop/MDC running the application fails or the cable to the DVM-750 is unplugged, the video system buttons will become active to allow normal operation.

The software also offers distinct viewing benefits. Users can monitor live or play back one or both camera views on the large laptop monitor. Video windows are individually scalable to enlarge either of the views at any point.

To learn more, contact Digital Ally, Inc. or stop by IACP booth #861 to see all of Digital Ally’s new and legacy products.

About Digital Ally, Inc.
Digital Ally provides a complete line of digital in-car video systems integrated into a rear-view mirror; waterproof digital video system that is modular to fit motorcycles, boats, or any other motorized vehicle; compact video system that may be worn or mounted; digital video flashlight; thermal imaging camera; and LIDAR handheld speed enforcement gun. For more information, contact Digital Ally at 800-440-4947, or visit



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