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Tulsa Police Department to Install Allstar Knowledge Systems Criminal Intelligence Software

Allstar Knowledge Systems is delighted to announce that the Tulsa Police Department Special Investigations Division (SID) has joined the company's client family. TPD SID is a unit with approximately 52 officers who specialize in intelligence-based investigations such as narcotics, vice and gang enforcement.

SID has used manual criminal intelligence/case management methods since the formation of the division. Complaints, intelligence reports and case files have been stored in filing cabinets. The division saw a need to automate its internal workflow from the entry and routing of Complaints, to the creation and storage of electronic Intelligence reports and the online development of criminal Case files. Coalescing all of these reports into a single database will enable the Commander and supervisors to have much tighter control over the unit, while enabling officers to access information from previous investigations at their desks. This will reduce case confliction and investigative redundancy.

Tulsa has a significant gang presence. Analysis of the jurisdiction's gang activity revealed they are engaged in a variety of narcotics and violent street crimes. Allstar has developed specialized software that will assist SID's Organized Gang Unit (OGU) in certifying gang members. In the past, the gang certification process has been performed manually. The OGU will receive gang intelligence information from vice and narcotics officers who enter gang information as part of their regular investigative reporting to their narcotics enforcement supervisors. This will increase OGU's ability to get a more complete picture of how gang activity in the jurisdiction is driving drug traffic and violent crime.

SID's Intelligence Section will use the software also. All intelligence reports entered by vice, narcotics and gang officers will be electronically accessible by intelligence officers who will get an increased ability to analyze trends in activity. As the Intelligence Section develops new 'actionable' intelligence, this will be available to vice, narcotics and gang enforcement supervisors to enable them to more effectively develop investigative targets.

"We are excited about moving forward with Allstar on this project", said acting Chief of Police Bill Wells. "This will enable SID to operate in a tighter and more effective manner and use technology to assist them in target development. With limited personnel and ever-increasing workloads, this is a way that technology can help our agency work smarter".

This project should be completed by the end of June and was internally funded through asset forfeitures.

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